#12 - Hunting For YouTube's Saddest Comments

Friday, January 24, 2014 - 02:24 PM


YouTube's infamous for having one of the worst comment sections on the internet. There's no reason to ever read them. Unless you’re writer & filmmaker Mark Slutsky. Mark spends hours scouring the comments section on YouTube, and occasionally, scattered in the dross, he finds small poignant stories for his site Sad Youtube.

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Joe Mahma from Hell


I think not, and I don't in any way agree with that characterization of YouTube comments in general, but you guys feel free to define it the way you want so you can help shift the zeitgeist toward the ever increasing and overwhelming political correctness that's sucking the life out of our culture.

Apr. 05 2014 05:51 PM

Best tldr yet.Keep up the good work guys. I am feeling saudade.

Jan. 28 2014 04:55 PM

thanks you so much for this story. I'm feeling nostalgic about my own experiences and friendships simply because i listened to this segment.... Now I'm following Sad Youtube on Tumblr.

Jan. 28 2014 12:29 PM

Thankful for teaching me about "dross."

Jan. 26 2014 12:11 PM

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