October 6, 2006

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Friday, October 06, 2006

How the Foley scandal went from rumor to news, and director Michael Apted on latest installment in the 7UP series.

Page Setup

By now we know that former Congressman Mark Foley had been sending icky emails to underage congressional pages for some time. We also know that at least two Florida newspapers had tips about the emails almost a year ago. Bob talks with Neil Brown, executive editor of the St. Petersburg ...


Foley Artistry

Lawyers aren’t the only ones whose livelihoods are helped along by public scandals. There are also crisis management firms, who trade on their ability to work the media and influence public perceptions. Richard Levick runs one such firm, and has been called in to finesse such P.R. nightmares as the ...


Picturing the Worst

The assault this week in Pennsylvania’s Amish country was the sixth deadly school shooting in as many weeks. Media commentators are pointing to the possibility of a copycat effect, but few are examining the media’s own complicity therein. School violence researcher Loren Coleman tells Bob that a little more restraint ...


Tale of Two Heralds

When publisher Jesus Diaz resigned this week after just 14 months at the helm of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, some suggested the company was caving to pressure from Miami’s anti-Castro Cubans. Others say he wasn’t temperamentally suited to the job. But it’s also possible that Diaz simply ...


Fox Turns Ten

Fox News Channel turned ten this week. Over the course of its decade on the airwaves, it’s been a boon for its base, and a scourge for its enemies. Love it or hate it, it seems the network is here to stay. Happy Birthday, Fox, from your friends at NPR.


The Shape of Things to Come

Eight years ago, New Yorker staff writer Lawrence Wright co-authored an eerily prescient film called The Siege, a Hollywood treatment of martial law in New York after a series of terrorist attacks there. Since then, he’s also written The Looming Tower, an exhaustive history of Al Qaeda. And this weekend ...


Longitudes and Attitudes

42 years ago, Michael Apted began filming a group of seven year-olds plucked from the extremes of the British class system. Since then, he’s followed their lives with a new film every seven years. What began as a one-off BBC program has become one of the most important histories on ...


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