September 29, 2006

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Civil war in Iraq? Plus, Tokyo Rose.

The War In Iraq = Iraq Civil War?

Apart from opinion columns and magazine pieces, news outlets tend to place any mention of civil war in the mouths of sources, or qualify it with phrases like “on the brink of” and “risks descending into.” Brooke asks New York Times Deputy Foreign Editor Ethan Bronner why.


One Man’s Insurgency …

We revisit the question with Larry Diamond, a former advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority, argues to Bob that the term insurgency misrepresents the reality in Iraq. And Peter Galbraith, an American advisor to the Kurdish government, maintains that Iraq will never be a stable, unified country.


Over and Out

Chicago Tribune reporter Paul Salopek has had a distinguished, often dangerous, career as a far-flung correspondent. Working on a freelance assignment for National Geographic last month, Salopek was apprehended for espionage in Sudan, a charge that could carry 20 years. Bob speaks with Salopek about his arrest and release, 34 ...


Mad Science

In the early ’90s, a grassroots campaign of everyday Americans formed the Advancement of Sound Science Coalition. Only it turns out it was a faux grassroots campaign – one that crafted a media message casting doubt on global warming. It's been long known that Big Oil helped fund the skeptics, ...


Embargoed Science

Corporations aren’t the only ones with a stake in manipulating the coverage of science. Vincent Kiernan, writer for the Chronicle of Higher Education and author of Embargoed Science, has found that science journals themselves often embargo stories they release to the press. Kiernan tells Bob that having journalists hold stories ...


Rabbit Redux

In 1971, a young air force sergeant in Saigon broadcast a pirate radio show from a secret room in a brothel and regaled his comrades with off-color musings on sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. After a mere 21 days on the air 35 years ago, Dave Rabbit remains a ...


A Rose Is Not a Rose

Iva Toguri died this week, though you probably don’t recognize the name. She was commonly, and erroneously, known as Tokyo Rose, a propagandist broadcasting against the Allied side during WWII. An article in 1976 by then Tokyo Bureau chief Ron Yates of the Chicago Tribune uncovered the story of how ...

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