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Friday, August 11, 2006


This summer, Hollywood is offering us close-ups of a variety of American workplaces, ranging from the silly to the sadistic. Tinseltown has always had a weird perspective on real life, which for most of us consists in large part of work life. WNYC’s Sara Fishko reflects on the daily grind as portrayed on the silver screen.

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Rachel Stewart

I appreciate movies that do show people asctually at work or school and going through the daily toils that those events entail. I know in movies when the character just "comes home" from work and that whole part of their life is left out, to me it makes the character flatter. Because work is such a big part of life I think that watching other people go through it makes it easier for the regular joe(muah) to deal with my life. Movies like Clerks or Office Space, Employee of the Month or even Waiting are great examples of movies that the working class person can relate to and even laugh about when putting it to their own situations.

Feb. 04 2008 09:58 PM

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