July 28, 2006

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Friday, July 28, 2006

The psychology of the partisan news consumer, blackmailer journalists, and how to interview a celebrity.

Mightier Than the Pen

A week ago, Israeli warplanes sent missiles into two TV transmission towers used by the popular Lebanese channels LBC and Future TV. But as Israeli officials pointed out, at least one of the towers also contained relay stations for Hezbollah station Al Manar. It’s hardly the first time media have ...


I Know You Are But What Am I?

More Middle East coverage this week… more charges of bias. Over the years, most news organizations have become accustomed to complaints from all sides in the conflict. But as Shankar Vedantam wrote this week in the Washington Post, studies show that the partisans who lob most of the criticism are ...


Moving Pictures

As pundits and columnists debate the Middle East conflict, ordinary “netizens” are debating the war online. And new technology is allowing participants themselves to share their impressions not only through blogs, but also vlogs and video-sharing sites like YouTube. Bob logs on and finds out that the conversation reveals more ...


Arlen's Specter

The legal landscape is still feeling the aftershocks of the disclosure, last December, of a vast NSA domestic wiretapping program. But a bill sponsored by Senator Arlen Specter would take all of the pending cases against the NSA and move them to a secret court, off limits to media and ...


Journalist, Inc.

Earlier this year, New York Post gossip columnist Jared Paul Stern was accused of trying to extort his sources in exchange for favorable coverage. He hasn’t been charged with a crime, but if it does turn out Stern is guilty he wouldn’t be the first person to cash in on ...


The Importance of Being Earnest

For years, Twin Cities NBC affiliate KARE has been the undisputed king of local news. And that’s due in no small part to the down-homey feel of its newscasts, which have played well in a market famous for its… niceness. But this summer, KARE lost its top ratings spot to ...


Star Reporter

Oh, the celebrity interview! Rock stars and A-list actors can be impenetrable fortresses, so how to break through the façade and get to the keep? As a long-time Rolling Stone writer and erstwhile MTV vee-jay, Jancee Dunn penned a sort of field manual for teasing out that crucial quote. Brooke ...


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