July 7, 2006

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Friday, July 07, 2006

The Freedom of Information Act turns 40 and Mexican media grapple with a contested election.

This Little Light of Mine

In the 40 years since President Johnson signed the Freedom of Information Act, it has been both a revelatory tool and a beleaguered statute. Historians, journalists and proponents of open government have filed millions of requests, and increasingly lawsuits, to uncover what the government does in the name of its ...


Silent Night

As Mexico’s presidential election results hung in the balance of indeterminacy this week, many observers couldn’t help but make the comparison with Florida 2000. But the two contests differed in one key respect – where U.S. news outlets hastened to declare a winner, their Mexican counterparts showed restraint. Was it ...


Too Close for Comfort

TV Azteca was among the Mexican media organizations that commissioned exit polls in last Sunday’s election. But when the results came back, the margin of victory was within the margin of error. Bob talks to TV Azteca’s editorial board director, Sergio Sarmiento, about what happened next.


Borderline Journalism

Over the past 13 years, more than 400 girls and women have been raped and murdered around the Mexican border town of Juarez. But the cases remain unsolved. In the absence of thorough police-work, local journalists have aggressively taken up the case, and in doing so, are blurring the lines ...


Borderline Entertainment

The Juarez murders have inspired songs, plays, and telenovelas, and now, feature films. In two movies scheduled for release later this year, Minnie Driver and J-Lo play journalists on the trail of the killers. You might think the attention would be welcome. But Diana Washington Valdez, who covered the story ...


King’s Quarters

CNN iron horse Larry King has never sought to be a lightning rod for controversy. But when he chewed the fat with the president and first lady on Thursday, King’s deference on the tough issues was a bit hard to swallow. At least it was for Bob. He bemoans a ...


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