June 23, 2006

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Cut and Run wins the language debate, freedom in the Saudi Press, the poetry of Michael Gerson

Cut and Run

Sticks and stones, among other things, continue to break bones in Iraq. But this week’s best-covered (if not bloodiest) battle took place on Capitol Hill, and was all about names. Republicans seized on Dems’ disagreement about troop withdrawals, accused their opponents of defeatism, and taunted them for wanting to “cut ...


And the Word Was Good

Last week, presidential speechwriter Michael Gerson announced he was moving on to greener pastures. And thus, the White House lost the man who did perhaps the most to fill the president’s famous eloquence gap. Guest host Mike Pesca speaks with New Yorker staff writer Jeffrey Goldberg, who profiled Gerson earlier ...


Watching You Watching Me

In the past few years, the Ombudsman has enjoyed a renaissance, of sorts, in the news business. But long before Jayson Blair, NPR had its own internal watchdog – Jeffrey Dvorkin. And over the years, we’ve had our own share of beefs with his beefs. Dvorkin pauses on his way ...


The Princes and the Press

In Saudi Arabia, freedom of the press comes and goes at the discretion of the royal family and religious clerics. Joel Campagna, the Middle East program coordinator for the Committee to Protect Journalists, made two trips to Saudi Arabia and spoke with more than 80 members of the press for ...


The Kingdom and the Blogger

The hope of the internet to usher in free expression is being realized to some extent in Saudi Arabia where bloggers are openly debating the issues of the day. Rasheed Abou-Alsamh has a keen understanding of degrees of free expression – he blogs, is senior editor for Arab News, and ...


Reporters, Esq.

When first alleged, three months ago, that white Duke Lacrosse players sexually assaulted a black stripper they had hired, the news media were quick to condemn an "air of privilege" at the university and Durham's "town and gown" divide. But now that DNA evidence has failed to surface, the press ...



Listeners weigh in on last week’s stories about rainbow rolodexes, awareness mania, and World Cup coverage.


All About Dan

On Tuesday, veteran CBS newsman Dan Rather announced that he’s leaving the network once and for all. Over the course of his 24 years behind the evening news desk, Rather's critics have found plenty to take issue with. But where some see bias, Brooke sees the sincere – if overly ...


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