May 26, 2006

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Friday, May 26, 2006

2008 presidential candidates and the media who love them, a look back at Hustler magazine and must-watch-television … for infants.

Presidential Hopeless

What are fringe politicians who want to stand out on Capitol Hill to do? Or a politico with a pet issue for the national stage? Here’s an idea: announce a run for president. New Republic Senior Editor Michael Crowley tells Brooke some of the many reasons why a hopeless candidate ...


Start Your Engines

Former Virginia governor Mark Warner hasn’t launched a presidential campaign; neither has Senator Chuck Hagel. But both have been featured on the cover of The New York Times Magazine as potential candidates. Is Warner the anti-Hillary? Is Hagel the un-McCain? Somehow the vetting process for 2008 has already begun. NYT ...


Marketing to Kids

Recent studies suggest that food and beverage marketing to kids is making them fat and sick. But the Federal Trade Commission recently concluded just the opposite. Food companies breathed a sigh of relief and health advocates cried foul. Bob speaks with Michele Simon, director of the Center for Informed Food ...


Boob Tube

To the pediatric establishment, no amount of TV is healthy for children under two. But this week we were reminded what a pipe dream that recommendation is. The creators of the new channel BabyFirst TV say that as long as toddlers are tuning in, they may as well be watching ...


Prime Number

Numbers justify fear. 50,000 abducted children, for example, or 50,000 predators prowling for children online. That last figure appeared in a recent introduction for NBC’s “Dateline.” And last week, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales cited Dateline’s number. But where did it come from? So far as statistics go, it turns out ...


No Stinking Badges

When Canada’s National Post reported that Iran was instituting a color-coded system of badges to identify religious minorities, many sat up and took notice. It turned out the story was bogus, but Amir Tehari, the columnist who “broke” the “story,” is sticking by it. Bob speaks with Eleana Benador, the ...


Mr. Clean

The legislative response to Nipple-Gate continues – last week a souped-up indecency bill was unanimously approved in the Senate. If signed, it will raise broadcast indecency fines to ten times their current level. Bob speaks with the bill’s sponsor, Kansas Senator Sam Brownback.


Doin’ the Hustle

Perhaps the surest way to gauge “community standards” is to run afoul of them. That’s what Hustler publisher Larry Flynt did in Cincinnati in the 1970s. And in New Hampshire in the 1980s. And again in Ohio in the 90s. The story is chronicled in a new book by one ...


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