April 7, 2006

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Friday, April 07, 2006

The Iraqi document dump, Fake News is Everywhere, Crossword Puzzlers' War of Words.

Drip …Drip…… Drip

This week it was revealed that Scooter Libby said that Vice President Cheney said that President Bush said … that he should leak information from the secret National Intelligence Estimate, to New York Times reporter Judith Miller. Questions abound, and Brooke is joined by Josh Gerstein, who broke the news ...


A Light In The Attic

In March, intelligence agencies began making some 48,000 boxes of documents removed from Iraq, gradually available online. Nobody knows for sure what information may be found inside those boxes, but journalists both mainstream and fringe are diving in with the help of translators to find out. CIA veteran Michael Scheuer ...


The Ad That News Forgot

Video News Releases are pre-produced PR products paid for by corporations or government agencies but made to look like original reported news pieces, which is how they’re often slipped into your local news with no disclaimer. The practice has been around for years, but before now nobody has quantified how ...


What Happens On The Reservation …

A year ago this week, students at Red Lake Senior High School on the Ojibwa Reservation in Northern Minnesota returned to school after the most deadly school shooting since Columbine. No community can ever be prepared for a tragedy like that. But in Red Lake, the inevitable media frenzy consisted ...


… Stays On The Reservation

One of the few reporters who had access to the Red Lake community and its tribal leaders after the shooting was Dorreen Yellow Bird, a reporter at the Grand Forks Herald and a Native American herself. A couple of weeks ago, Yellow Bird was asked back to Red Lake for ...


News You Can Choose

For the past two and a half months, the Wisconsin State Journal has been inviting readers to its website every day to vote on one of five stories they’d like to see featured. The winner winds up on the next day’s front page. Editors had been prepared for a spike ...


Life Squared

The last weekend in March, at a Marriott in Stamford, Connecticut, the 29th annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament was held. It was a record-breaking affair, with 500 contenders. We sent our producer Mike Vuolo to the event, because as a puzzle fanatic and a published puzzle constructor (a person who ...


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