March 24, 2006

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Dirty words, war crimes on TV, and Helen Thomas asks a question.

Do You Swear?

In a three part order issued last week, the Federal Communications Commission levied the largest fines ever against broadcast stations for airing “indecent content.” The biggest blow was a $3.6 million fine for implied sexual situations on the CBS drama “Without a Trace.” Bob speaks with Democratic Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, ...


Working Blue

One of the many shows singled out by the FCC in its recent indecency report was, it should come as no surprise, "NYPD Blue". The show ultimately avoided fines because it predates the current standards but the commission’s opinion did cite it for using language and situations that were “shocking, ...


Revolution on Ice

By the time the polls closed last weekend in Belarus, protesters had already taken to the street, alleging vote-fraud and strong-arm tactics by President Alexander Lukashenko. The so-called Denim Revolution had many of the marks of other recent resistance efforts – in Ukraine, in Georgia, and Serbia. But in the ...


Despots In The Dock

For countries bedeviled by war crimes, genocide and all manner of trauma it’s been described as the last resort for justice - the international war crimes trial. Part media spectacle, part history lesson, part political scorecard, part attempt at truth and reconciliation the trials have evolved into a messy media ...


Calling on Helen

The President took questions this week – from the public, from military families, and from members of the Washington press corp. And not just any member of the press – Helen Thomas got to ask a question, after three years of being purposefully ignored in the briefings. Why now? With ...


Road Signs

In recent years, anti-choice advocates have found a new way to take their message to the street. In more than a dozen states, they’ve convinced lawmakers to start offering specialty license plates bearing the message “Choose Life.” Pro-choicers have sued, but last week, a federal appeals court ruled that Tennessee’s ...


Vanity Plates

Specialty plates are not the only means available to drivers for rear-end self-expression. There are also vanity plates – the personalized arrangements of numbers and letters that tell other drivers a little something about you. Five years ago, Bob explored the uniquely American phenomenon and its particular popularity in the ...


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