February 10, 2006

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Friday, February 10, 2006

OTM Goes to the Middle East!

Covering a Conflict: A Brief History

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is one of the most difficult to cover and controversial-when-you-do stories out there. Media watchdog groups are common on both sides of the divide, waiting for news organizations to use a word or image that appears to favor the other side. What about the Israeli and Palestinian ...


Word Watch: Barrier

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is one in which the key players can't even agree on the terms -- important events and places have different names on each side of the divide. What are the various terms applied to the "structure" the Israeli government is currently constructing? At times, it's called a ...


Arab Media Politics

After days of violent protests over provocative political cartoons, the old familiar phrase - CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS - kept roaring back. With two satellites dishes, seven or eight Arabic-language newspapers and a number of Internet magazines, Cal State political science professor As'ad AbuKhalil is awash in media from the Middle ...


Speech Impediment

It was only a handful of newspaper cartoons, but it was apparently enough to trigger angry protests - some of them violent - throughout the Middle East and Asia. This week, Bob gets several perspectives on the uproar over the Danish Mohammed caricatures. First, he talks to an American newspaper ...


"A Wonderful Country"

Eretz Nehederet, translated from Hebrew as “A Wonderful Country,” is Israel’s leading program of comic political commentary. Regarded by critics as widely influential, the program is best known for bare-knuckled satire. Where will it find laughs in the rise of Hamas and the political death of Sharon? How is it ...


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