February 3, 2006

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Friday, February 03, 2006

A recap of the Danish cartoon controversy, and Bob vies for the title of Funniest Reporter on the Planet.

Drawing Ire

Rarely does a debate over free speech include as many people, in as many different countries, as has the Danish "cartoon controversy." In the months after a series of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed were published in Denmark, Muslims in Europe and the Middle East have responded with boycotts and ...


Net Loss

Iran may not be the safest place for journalists, but that hasn't prevented the growth of online expression there. There are now more than 100,000 Iranian bloggers, and Persian is by one count the blogosphere's third most common language. Outside observers see the thriving blogosphere as a catalyst for political ...


State of the State of the Union

It was that time of year again this week - on Tuesday, the POTUS made his way over to Capitol Hill for the latest installment in the annual rite known as the State of the Union address. But a brief look at history will show that it was not always ...


Into the Fray

The past year has been a tumultuous one for administrators of public broadcasting, and programmers have had to fend off accusations of political bias. Into the embers of the skirmish steps Paula Kerger, who's just been chosen as the new president and CEO of the Public Broadcasting Service. Bob speaks ...


California Getaway

The televised car chase is a phenomenon bound up in the very being of freeway-tangled Los Angeles. Why are there so many police pursuits in L.A., and how did they become such a popular spectacle? Xeni Jardin speaks with New Yorker staff writer Tad Friend about how history, technology and ...



Listeners write in about presidents - real and fictional, as well as our coverage of the coverage of the Jack Abramoff scandal.


Stand Up and Take It

Over the years, Bob Garfield has been many things. Shoe-leather beat reporter. Itinerant NPR storyteller. Acerbic columnist and take-no-prisoners critic; media and advertising big-shots cower at the rattle of his pen. He's aspired to country music stardom and Hollywood fame, and still, he doesn't rest. And so when the call ...


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