January 27, 2006

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Online anonymity is closer then ever and Hamas attempts an extreme makeover.

Googly Eyes

The benevolent search engine-that-could was showered with boos this week, after it agreed to cooperate with Chinese government censors. To many, the move signaled a complete turnaround from the principled stand Google has taken against the U.S. government. But even in that skirmish, legal scholar Tim Wu was less than ...


Cloak and Swagger

With Google subpoenas and NSA wiretaps in the news, the struggle begins in earnest for what has long been privacy advocates' Holy Grail: online anonymity. The latest advance in "computer cloaking" was unveiled this month at a hacker convention in Washington, D.C. Brooke speaks with Wired News reporter Quinn Norton ...


Extreme Makeover: Hamas Edition

In its debut on the political stage, Hamas swept to a landslide in this week's Palestinian elections. But the group best-known in the West for its suicide bombings didn't campaign on its long-standing goal of eradicating Israel, but rather under the slogan "Reform and Change." Brooke takes a closer look ...


Gentrifying the Airwaves

The broadcast spectrum became a little less crowded this week. The owners of the fifth and sixth networks - UPN and The WB - announced they're joining forces to create a single network: The CW. When UPN and The WB were born, the idea was to target urban youth. But ...



Brooke and Bob have an update about the case against two civilians charged with leaking, and a bit of news about a lawsuit against one of our recent interviewees.


Pricing the Word

Newspapers around the world reprinted sections of Pope Benedict's first encyclical this week. No problem. But if you'd like to use a portion of the Pope's writing in a book you're working on - get ready to pay up. The Vatican publishing house will henceforth enforce copyright fees on the ...


Presidential Fitness Test

When careful observers noticed Dick Cheney wearing mismatched shoes recently, they took it as a clue about the Veep's health. But don't expect straight answers from the White House - the executive branch has rarely been forthcoming about the health of our leaders. Dr. Robert Gilbert, author of The Mortal ...


The Bartlet Legacy

After seven years, NBC will retire The West Wing in May. From the beginning, the show that brought the Oval Office into your living room was unusual network fare - the dialogue a little faster, and the characters a little smarter than nearly anything else on the air. Time magazine ...


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