January 6, 2006

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Another year another leak investigation! And, the media criticism beat grows up, it’s OTM’s anniversary show.

Surveying Sharon

This week, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a severe stroke that threatened his life and effectively ended his political career. International Editor of the Week Magazine, Susan Caskie joins Bob for a look at how the news was covered in newspapers in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.


From Tarzan to Statesman

Ariel Sharon has been a public figure in Israel for most of the state's history, so his relationship with the national media runs deep. The likely final chapter began this week, as the press covered his exit from power and started wrestling with his legacy. The Jerusalem Post's Amotz Asa-el ...


The Miracle That Wasn't

Bob reflects on the difficulty of covering the mining tragedy in West Virginia, where a convergence of official misinformation, tight deadlines, and desperation for good news led to incorrect reports that 12 of the 13 miners were alive.


Doing the Leak Investigation Dance

In the last days of 2005 the Justice Department announced it was launching an investigation into who leaked that the President had authorized the National Security Agency to wiretap people in the United States without court warrants. Whether the source was a leaker or a whistleblower, a traitor or a ...


Leakers and Plumbers

Leaks, part and parcel of the Fourth Estate, were and are a tremendous irritant to the Bush Administration. Back in the early days of the War on Terror, Bob produced this piece on the pros, cons and mechanisms of the ever-present, and indispensable, Washington leak.



Bob and Brooke read some of our listener mail.


Everyone's A Critic

Five years ago this week On the Media was re-launched as a nationally distributed, pre-produced hour hosted by Bob and Brooke. To mark this auspicious occasion Brooke looks back at the earlier incarnations of the show and how the media criticism beat has grown up over these years. Media crit ...


Highlights and Lowlights

The OTM 5th anniversary celebration continues as Senior Producer Katya Rogers presents some of the very best and very worst of On the Media through the years. You'll laugh, you'll cry.


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