December 30, 2005

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Aceh’s media rebuilds, one year after the tsunami, and the best journalistic error of 2005

Aceh Rising

One year ago this week, an earthquake under the Indian Ocean triggered a massive tsunami that left huge swaths of death and destruction across South and South East Asia. In the Indonesian province of Aceh, everything was devastated, including the media. Bob talks to Kathleen Reen of Internews about how ...


Regret the Error

2005 was a year of self-examination for the media. There were questions about journalistic accuracy and reporting styles, and about the reporting on Hurricane Katrina and the lead-up to war in Iraq. Craig Silverman tracks media mistakes on the website "Regret the Error," and joins Brooke for a recap of ...


The Sound of WWII

Gulf War II was the first war that viewers had the ability to watch in real time, but it wasn't the first time reporters offered play-by-play narration from the battlefield. That distinction goes to World War II. The war reporting of Edward R. Murrow and his colleagues can again be ...


Straight Outta Baghdad

Music has always been part of a soldiers' life in wartime, from the fife and drums of the Revolution to the rock and roll of Vietnam. Soldiers have made their own contributions over the years, and those serving in Iraq are no different. This time though, it's coming directly from ...


Moving Pictures, Moving Merchandise

In the 1940's, the Motion Picture Export Association, aka "the little State Department," went forth to sell the American way of life - not to mention American products - around the world. Toby Miller directs the Program in Film and Visual Culture at the University of California Riverside. He joins ...



You've heard him in dozens of movies, but you can't quite place his name. That's because he's not an actor, he's a sound effect. And among sound editors he's legendary. On the Media's David Serchuk reports.


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