December 16, 2005

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Friday, December 16, 2005

TV technology experts hawking cool stuff on TV may be paid to pitch those items, also genetically modified food grabs headlines in the rest of the world, why not here?

Blood on the Cedars

Even before Syria pulled its last soldier out of Lebanon, Gebran Tueni had been an outspoken critic of the occupation. This week, Tueni was killed by a car bomb, becoming the third prominent journalist in Lebanon to be targeted for assassination since Syria's withdrawal. Michael Young, opinion editor for Beirut's ...



The Arab world, it seems, is awash with public opinion polls. Where we used to get anecdotal reporting about the "Arab street," we increasingly have numbers to back those impressions up. A recent Zogby poll set out to learn not only what Arabs think about world news, but how those ...


Laboratory Diet

A recent poll showed that despite a robust worldwide debate, most Americans know little to nothing about genetically-modified food. That despite the increasing inundation of our shelves with the stuff. Brooke discusses the dearth of GM consciousness with Pew Initiative on Food & Biotechnology executive director Michael Fernandez, and with ...

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Shill Game

With Christmas just a week away, every gear, gadget and gizmo company on the NASDAQ is vying for your dollars. Wondering which digital camera is best? The tech expert on your local news might be able to help. What you won't learn from these segments, however, is that some "experts" ...


William Proxmire, 1915-2005

Before there was Senator John McCain, there was Senator William Proxmire. Like McCain, he often stood apart from his party, favored campaign finance reform… and was a media darling. Proxmire died on Thursday at the age of 90. Brooke reminisces about the Wisconsin Senator's long career of media stunts, born ...


A Death Foretold

Shortly after midnight on Tuesday, a lethal injection was administered to Stanley "Tookie" Williams by the State of California. The execution was preceded by days of feverish speculation on cable TV about whether or not Governor Schwarzenegger would grant clemency. Bob reflects on the elements of a made-for-TV morality play


In So Many Words

Have you ever encountered a rootkit or a lifehack? Do you know what it means to be squicked? These neologisms were all runners-up for the coveted distinction of the New Oxford American Dictionary's 2005 Word of the Year. Erin McKean is the New Oxford editor-in-chief. She explains to Bob, among ...


Bye Bye, Boomers

For years, control of America's news and culture industries has been firmly in the clutches of baby boomers. But a new generation of media-makers is stretching its legs, and it won't be long before references to "The Graduate" are replaced by references to "The Breakfast Club." Slate columnist Jack Shafer ...


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