November 10, 2006

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Rumsfeld's out, Pelosi's in. We survey reactions in the Arab press and the right-wing media. Also, should journalists vote?

The Speaker's Corner

One of the biggest winners of this week’s electoral sea-change is the Speaker-of-the-House-elect, Nancy Pelosi. As it stands now, the San Francisco Democrat will become the highest-ranking woman in the history of American politics. San Francisco Chronicle correspondent Ed Epstein joins Brooke to discuss ...


Things We Know We Know

As the Democrats enter from stage left, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld exits stage right. While Rumsfeld’s ouster has been cheered by commentators of all political stripes, he will perhaps be missed most by some of his greatest antagonists. Brooke speaks with CNN Pentagon correspondent Jamie McIntyre about Rummy’s reign ...


Webb Sight

As the so-called tsunami of Democratic victory crashed over congressional districts from East to West on Tuesday, it slowly became clear that Senate control could very well be changing hands by sunrise as well. NPR’s Mike Pesca watched the returns from the HQ of ...


It’s Nice Outside

Democrats weren’t the only ones crowing about the election results. Sighs of relief could also be heard from certain conservative commentators, Rush Limbaugh included. Brooke talks to (paleo) conservative activist Richard Viguerie about why the congressional shift is a victory for right-wing media.


Al Lection

If the election really was a referendum on the war in Iraq, it’s hardly surprising that Iraqis themselves, and Arabs throughout the Middle East, would be paying attention to the outcome. But there’s attention… and then there’s close attention. Brooke speaks with Middle East media watcher Marc Lynch about the ...


Journalists as People

In the course of performing her civic duty this week, Brooke had a little mishap. She promptly took to the airwaves to recount the story, but in doing so, inadvertently let slip the recipient of her vote. In some newsrooms, the slip would have been considered ...


Something Like Truth

When a male prostitute outed evangelical leader Ted Haggard last week, the media were suddenly faced with a he said-he said scenario. And so they turned to their favorite arbiter of truth: the polygraph machine. Despite its track record, nothing offers the promise of ...


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