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Friday, November 17, 2006


Lou Dobbs has his story, and he’s sticking to it. Every evening, the host of CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight features reports under headings like “Broken Borders” and “War on the Middle Class.” And people are responding – in the past three years, his audience has skyrocketed. Dobbs makes no apologies for his strong viewpoints on illegal immigration. But what’s such an outspoken advocate doing behind CNN’s anchor’s desk? Bob puts the question to Dobbs.

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Richie Collins from

I am a female who in 1973 joined the United States Army National Guards in my state of Louisiana. And I along with millions of Americans am appalled at what our elected-sell-out-officials are doing to this blessed nation. And as a citizen you wonder what can you do to help take our country back. I've created "Operation Go Back" At,, site. I got the idea from Pres. Eisenhower Operation Wetback program he carried out in 1954. And Go Back, is what Americans want all illegal aliens to do. This website will give Americans ideas on what they can do in their areas, sorta like a how to site. T-Shirts expressing how we feel as Americans are at , click the link and to see them, and I would like to know what you think of them. We'll be giving ideas on how to get ALL illegal aliens to Go Back to their own countries. Presently ICE is promoting a voluntary self repatriation program that has little success. Maybe they just need a little help. I think these shirts silently but, specifically say GO BACK, in a respectful way. I would like to ask for your help in getting the word out about "Operation Go Back"? Two of our former presidents sent back millions of illegal aliens and so can we. Pres. Eisenhower took a page from Pres. Hoover playbook and did, "Operation Wetback" and we can do "Operation Go Back"! Telling all illegal aliens they must Go Back to their countries and do it right. Thank you for all you do!

Aug. 08 2008 02:04 AM
emb from new york

Check out the HEP programs in America.If you are illegal you can stay on college campus for 8 weeks,free of charge to you and get your GED in Spanish.It's Federally Funded only costing the taxpayers 7-10 thousand dollars for your stay.If you have TB you can still go ,expose students,and staff and get your medications paid for by New York State.If you can't pass the test and you need a place to stay it's okay.If the staff does't speak Spanish they lose their job.This story has a thousand legs and not one agency cares.All these years I thought there were laws.

Apr. 09 2008 07:40 PM

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