November 18, 2005

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Friday, November 18, 2005

The earthquake in Pakistan vanished from the headlines after barely a week. If thousands more die because no one is paying attention, are the media to blame? Also, malfeasance at the CPB.

Access Holy Wood

The Washington saga that has gripped journalism watchers for many months has taken another unexpected turn. Seems that storied scribe Bob Woodward may have been the first journalist contacted by the notorious Valerie Plame leaker. And he kept mum until this week. Brooke reflects on the transformation of Watergate Bob ...


Free Preach Rights

Preaching politics is protected speech in America…unless you do it from the pulpit. Religious organizations that get involved in electioneering risk getting stripped of their tax-exempt status. The debate over that rule, recently revived by an IRS audit in Pasadena, has united activists of many political stripes. Bob takes a ...

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Jury's In

The storm brewing over public broadcasting unleashed another deluge this week, in the form of a long-awaited internal report about the man at the top. The report charges former Corporation for Public Broadcasting Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson with playing politics in ways that violated the letter and spirit of the law, ...


Test of the Emergency Broadcasting System

With winter taking hold in the Himalayas, the human tragedy triggered by the October 8th earthquake is still very much a current emergency. But you wouldn't know it from looking at the American news-scape. In recent weeks, coverage of the quake's aftermath has been spotty in print and all but ...



Listeners weigh in on Bob's interview with Judith Miller and on the pro-war uses of anti-war films.


Sanctity of the Script

When a name-brand product shows up in a TV show, it's most likely no accident. With TV's traditional advertising model threatened by new technologies, networks are increasingly allowing marketers to integrate their pitches into the story scripts themselves. But that arrangement doesn't sit well with TV's writers. Brooke talks to ...


I Want My iTV!

Big television is undergoing big changes - not so much in content but in how we watch it, when we watch it, and who delivers the goods. In recent weeks, ABC has partnered with iTunes, CBS with Comcast, and NBC with Direct TV. The deals will allow people to view ...


Most Valuable Sayers

For 75 years, baseball's top honors - the Cy Young, Rookie-of-the-Year, and MVP - have been awarded by some of the game's foremost experts: newspaper sportswriters. But some editors are objecting to the practice, saying journalists should be covering the news, not creating it. Randy Harvey, sports editor at the ...


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