Free Preach Rights

Friday, November 18, 2005


Preaching politics is protected speech in America…unless you do it from the pulpit. Religious organizations that get involved in electioneering risk getting stripped of their tax-exempt status. The debate over that rule, recently revived by an IRS audit in Pasadena, has united activists of many political stripes. Bob takes a closer look at one contentious intersection of church and state.

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Robert Rumbaugh from cleveland tn. 37312

The first admendment is to keep the gov. from forming a state sponsered church not to keep the church out of the state and goverment. The very insistance that the gov. can tell the church to shut up because they are giving aide t it with a tax exempt stauts is crazy the last time I read the consistution it was a contract between the people and the Gov. not the gov. and the people the GOv works for us not us for them under his redtric then we need to tell the gov. to pipe down because the Gov can not run with us the people paying there saleries and expessives were the boss not them tell them tp pipe down and read the consistiution for what it says not what they want to make it say. I might agree with the pastor on how he presendent his opion but at last check he is covered under the 1st admendment and is an american the Gov. needs to do as the consistution says and stay the heck out of the Church they the gov. is not my pastor.

Nov. 17 2009 02:16 PM

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