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Friday, November 25, 2005


There are journalism's stars, who consume most of the ink and the air time, and there are its grunts, who do most of the legwork and barely get a byline. Mark Stamey, formerly of The New York Post, was one of the latter. He walked the "bad-luck" beat, gathering facts about murders, fires, evictions and accidents. Host Brooke Gladstone spent one Thanksgiving Day on the job with Stamey, who has come to see the whole world as a morgue.

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Mark Stamey from Key Largo, Florida

Dearest Brooke and Bob,

I pray to all the invisible, benevolent forces that you are healthy and happy.

I am sure you have forgotten me. Brooke interviewed me for "The World Is A Morgue" in 2005.

I wanted to hit you with a "since then" skinny about what has happened to me lately. I hope it isn't boring.

I quit journalism, married an heiress and moved to a huge place on Key Largo. Of course, you will always be welcome here.

My "epilepsy" was probably due to the tranquilizers I was given by my psychiatrist at the time for "PTSD", according to my epileptologist - who became a very good friend. I have not had a seizure in many years.

I did end up getting shot, but it wasn't on the job. I was riding my Harley through The Everglades National Park and somebody I didn't see put a bullet through my right knee. I almost lost my leg from it.

I miss you both and love the show above any other.

Be happy and healthy forever.

Thank you both.

Mark Stamey

Dec. 09 2010 01:57 PM

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