October 7, 2005

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Friday, October 07, 2005

A federal judge recently ordered the Defense Department to release a second batch of photos from Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison The wave of exodus: journalists from Iraq, Howard Stern from terrrestrial radio, and much more.

Interrogating Pictures

A federal judge recently ordered the Defense Department to release a second batch of photos from Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison. But the Pentagon maintains that the pictures will only inflame Anti-Americanism and endanger soldiers overseas. Bob discusses the FOIA case with Senator John McCain, sponsor of a new measure that ...


Leak Prone

This week, Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin pled guilty to charges of leaking classified defense information to a couple of D.C. lobbyists. But the feds aren't only targeting the leaker, they're also going after the leakees. National security correspondent Eli Lake has written that prosecuting non-governmental employees for leaking is unprecedented. ...


The Messenger is the Message

On her recent trip to the Middle East, State Department Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy Karen Hughes was angling for positive press coverage there. But her reviews on this side of the pond were mixed, at best. One critic suggested Hughes take a lesson from Vladimir Posner, the former Soviet spokesman ...



Last month, we reported that Robert Bork bore the distinction of being the only person in recent times to have a verb named after him. But our listeners could think of a few other examples, and weren't shy about sharing.


Newspaper Clipping

Practically every week brings new stories about the terminal condition of the newspaper industry. Last month brought especially bad news for ink-stained wretches, as some of the nation's biggest dailies announced hundreds of newsroom job cuts. Bob discusses the causes of the industry's ills and its prognosis with financial analyst ...


F***'in Yankees!

Every so often, purveyors of live TV confront one of the biggest perils of the enterprise: foul-mouthed talent. During a football game between Navy and Duke last weekend, it happened again. Appalled by a referee call, NPR contributor and Naval Academy football commentator John Feinstein forgot where he was and ...

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Pornography is a form rife with easily-recognizable tropes. Strategic lighting, hokey music, and close-up camera angles all are a part of creating the aspirational and idealized world of porn. In October's Harper's Magazine, Frederick Kaufman takes a closer look at the cable channel he thinks is the most pornographic of ...

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