October 14, 2005

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Friday, October 14, 2005

A conversational presidential video conference with soldiers that needed a rehearsal and more...

Cue Spontaneity

Soldiers are not necessarily known for their acting skills. And so it was hard not to see through what was billed as a conversational "back and forth" between the president and a small group of his troops this week. Any remaining doubts about its scripted nature were dispelled when news ...


The Peninsula

Over the past decade, satellite network Al Jazeera has made its share of enemies both here and abroad. A lot of criticism has come from U.S. officials and pundits, who, if they don't actually watch Al Jazeera, will soon no longer have the language barrier to blame. Early next year, ...


Meth to the Madness

If you believe the coverage, Americans are using crystal meth at epidemic rates. Stories depict a killer drug that is instantly addictive, easy to cook up at home, and poised to tear apart families and communities. But Reason editor-in-chief Nick Gillespie is among the critics who say that the media ...


That's the Way It Was, Walter

With all three network nightly newscasts in flux, the viability of the form remains remarkably uncertain. Over the past two decades, 24-hour cable channels have battled the big three networks for a share of the broadcast news audience, and the voice of God has grown hoarse. Brooke looks forward into ...


Can I Get a Witness?

Many activists are keenly aware that all the talking in the world may never succeed in opening the world's eyes to their causes. Seeing is believing, and pictures can make all the difference. Witness is an international human rights organization that provides video equipment and training to advocacy campaigns around ...


Thumb War

Unti recently, video games were, you know, games. Not team-building exercises and certainly not propaganda machines. But nothing that engages young people stays pure forever. Eventually, it will be co-opted by those eager to have the attention of the next generation. Video gaming, therefore, was a natural target for such ...


According to Jim

Jim Romenesko may be the most powerful name in the media that you've never heard of. Although his website bears his name, Romenesko has made his name quietly assembling an indispensable collection of every reportorial transgression, every format change, every buy-out, every compelling or questionable or errant media moment - ...


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