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Friday, January 19, 2007


The idea that porn drives media technologies has been borne out again and again. And so we look to the adult film industry for clues about where the high-def DVD market is headed. Technology writer Shane Buettner gives us a peek.

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Misbah Karim

The sound bite was fairly troubling i guess. I guess the play station three is the new commodity these days. Everything turning into HD seems significant. I guess these companies want to adopt larger change from what they have been using. It is their choice their ideas their intentions, I guess no one can stop them from changing to entirely HD televisions and other things ipods, phones thing of this nature. It seems to be an every growing surplus of new technologies and new efforts to create new things its a constant. The Media world seems to be very constant and busy. In a way it seems to never stop because folks are always creating something this year that was better than last year, and i'm sure the year after that they will create something else. Evidently it seems to be working for them and their customers so most likely won't change a good growing thing.

Feb. 06 2008 11:20 AM

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