July 29, 2005

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Friday, July 29, 2005

Why the Bush administration has given the "war on terror" a new name. Plus, media dispatches from Africa, Haiti and Ukraine.

War By Any Other Name

This week, we learned that the war on terrorism may soon be a thing of the past. Not that militants are laying down their suicide bombs, or that the U.S. is making peace with its enemies. It's just that the phrase "war on terrorism" is being retired. From now on, ...


CentCom Casting

U.S. military officials recently found themselves in the awkward position of having to explain why two news releases, about two separate insurgent attacks in Iraq, included virtually the same quotation from an unidentified Iraqi. An Army spokesman called it an "administrative error," but we weren't so sure. And so we ...


Fables of the Reconstruction

During a recent White House visit by Tony Blair, President Bush claimed his administration had tripled its aid to Africa in the last four years. The claim was widely reported, but was it true? Not exactly. Brooke talks to Jamison Foser of the progressive watchdog group Media Matters about why ...


License to Ill

Watching TV health news may be bad for your health. That's according to Gary Schwitzer, a 14-year veteran of the television health journalism biz. But he thinks that a lot of the journalistic malpractice could be ameliorated if voluntary certification were available to health reporters, the same way it is ...


Sweating the Coverage

Ten years ago this month, a pocket of hot air settled over Chicago. By the end of the week, 739 people had succumbed to the heat. And yet, the Chicago heat wave of '95 remains one of the most overlooked disasters in American history. Why do heat waves get so ...


Remembering Roche

Ever since Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide was deposed last year, violence has wracked the country. At least 600 people have died at the hands of armed gangs in the past year, and in recent months, random kidnappings have been common. Most end with a ransom payment, but not in the ...


53 Countries and Nothing's On

The American media's portrait of Africa is constructed from images of war, of famine, of AIDS - as well as soft-focus fodder like The Lion King. But seldom do the continent's 53 countries have the power to define their own portrayals. James Makawa, a longtime NBC News correspondent originally from ...


Letters from Kiev

This week, Ukraine's President Victor Yushchenko chewed out a reporter for asking questions about his son's incongruously lavish lifestyle. In response, some 200 Ukrainian journalists signed a strongly-worded letter protesting the reporter's treatment. And Yushchenko responded with a letter of his own. A sign of tough times ahead for journalism ...


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