June 1, 2007

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Show Summary: The contended history of the Six-Day War, commie-hunting in the broadcast industry, and the mistaken notion that the Right owns religion.

Scuttle Diplomacy

Bush confidante Karen Hughes has been directing a State Department effort to sell American policies to a skeptical world. But media affairs director Price Floyd thought it was a misguided effort, and so after 17 years at State, he quit. Floyd explains why diplomacy is not a matter ...


Name This War

This week marks the 40th anniversary of one of Israel’s major conflicts with its Arab neighbors. Here and in Israel, it’s known as the Six-Day War. But Palestinians call it an-Naksah, or “the Setback.” The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Goldberg discusses the event that became Year Zero for subsequent Middle-East coverage.



Last month, a disagreement between Estonia and Russia resulted in a debilitating attack on some of Estonia’s most-used government, banking and media websites. The attackers remain anonymous and many suspect Russia. Is it cyber-warfare? Arbor Networks' senior security researcher Jose ...


Seeing Red

We all remember the Hollywood Ten, the industry blacklist instigated by political demagogues. But there was also a broadcast blacklist, spearheaded by five little-known crusaders. Historian David Everitt explains how these self-styled communist-hunters bent the broadcasting industry to their will.


Rat Extermination

With the “Stop Snitchin’” movement sweeping American cities, a new website is posting names and photos of witnesses who have testified in exchange for sentencing leniency. The New York Times' Adam Liptak describes what prosecutors are doing to get the site removed.

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Time-Shifting Paradigm

This week, Nielsen released ratings that for the first time include DVR watchers. Broadcasting & Cable’s Marisa Guthrie explains how it will help networks and advertisers reposition themselves in the new world of time-shifters.

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Listeners weigh in on last week's attempt at transparency.


Religious Wrong

A new Media Matters study suggests that by neglecting religious moderates and progressives, the media are helping the conservative cause.


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