June 8, 2007

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Show Summary: Al Gore’s influence on President Bush, a Dutch television executive explains why he lied to his viewers for a good cause, and Hustler's Larry Flynt offers cash for political dirt.

The Big Heat

The G8 summit in Germany this week brought new rhetoric from the United States about climate change. President Bush seemed to signal a willingness to cooperate with international partners, after nearly a decade of ignoring international agreements like the Kyoto Protocol. Andrew Revkin, environment ...


Directing Terror

A new video released by the militant group, Islamic State of Iraq, is one example in a new trend of insurgent videos, a move away from gore and toward highly stylized dramatization. The Washington Post’s Philip Kennicott explains that the video shows a profound awareness of pacing, dramatic ...


Transplanted Reality

Last week a Dutch reality series, The Big Organ Donor Show, shocked the world twice. First for what it was going to broadcast – a reality show whose winner gets a life-saving kidney- and then again for revealing it was a hoax. ...


The Bottom Feeder

Larry Flynt, porn king and First Amendment militant, placed a full-page ad in the Washington Post last week offering $1 million in exchange for documented evidence of sexual indiscretion by a high governmental official. Flynt explains that if paying is the only way to get dirt, then it’s ...


Checkbook Rules

Tom Fiedler was offered a photo in 1987 implicating Presidential hopeful Gary Hart in an extra-marital affair. Fiedler refused to pay the source, but he managed to break the story anyway. Fiedler, retired Executive Editor for the Miami Herald, explains that in the 20 years since ...


A Fleeting %)&!@#$

This week, a NYC court ruled against the FCC and in favor of the broadcast networks in a case that centered on “fleeting expletives,” uttered by the likes of Nicole Richie and President Bush, among others. Is this a free speech victory or a ...


TV Trash, Internet Treasure

Instead of fading into failed TV history, some canceled pilots are given new life on the internet. Canned by the WB network, Nobody’s Watching, has had more than 14.2 million online views. Wired’s Hugh Hart discusses the phenomenon and why we can expect more ...


The Viral Sport

Surfing has films, skateboarding has VHS tapes, and parkour has the internet. After a few clips of David Belle leaping around the French suburbs made their way to the internet, a sport was accidentally born. New Yorker writer Alec Wilkinson explains how parkour managed to be ...


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