June 22, 2007

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Friday, June 22, 2007

On The Media travels to Russia for an in-depth look at the state of Russian freedom of the press.

The Other Russia

This week, OTM turns its focus to Russia. How are the Russian media operating during an era of dramatic economic change, a clampdown on freedom of speech, and a struggle to reposition the country on the world stage? Host Brooke Gladstone, producer Mike Vuolo ...

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The Russian Peculiarity

Outright censorship is not the only challenge facing critical Russian journalists. Some dissident voices and investigative reporters are silenced, but others are just ignored. The Russian public has been largely apathetic, with little appetite for tenacious journalism. Reporters, editors, journalist advocates, former propagandists and current state supporters explain the stakes ...

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The Price of Stability

When you’re an American media-analysis show looking to talk about free-speech, not many media heavyweights in Moscow will speak with you. One of the few who will is Vladimir Mamontov, editor-in-chief of one of Russia’s most important newspapers – Izvestia. He defends the Kremlin's view of the relationship between a ...

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The Bard

The tradition of “bards” has its roots in the Soviet Union of the 1960’s. Singer-songwriters wrote metaphorical protest songs that represented subtle opposition to the government. One of the best bards of the new generation, Timur Shaov talks about how the genre has evolved.

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Bear Down

Looking at the recent history of press freedom in Russia, it's worth considering the changes ushered in by former president Boris Yeltsin. When he died two months ago, Brooke compiled this report on Yeltsin's mixed legacy.


The Process

Between interviews in Moscow, Brooke, Mike, and Dylan recorded some of their impressions of the reporting process. Click here to read their behind-the-scenes blog.


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