July 27, 2007

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Show Summary: The Bancrofts ruminate on Rupert Murdoch's offer, the only journalist imprisoned in Guantanamo, and the army reevaluates its influence around the world.

Inside Story

Al Jazeera cameraman Sami al-Hajj is the only journalist in Guantanamo, detained without charge for more than five years. Recent court decisions could affect his and other detainees' challenges to their imprisonments. Washington Monthly editor Rachel Morris tells al-Hajj’s story in this month’s Columbia ...


Shock and Awe

How did Al Jazeera respond to the detention of one of its employees? For over a year, they didn’t. Al Jazeera producer Ahmad Ibrahim produced a documentary about al-Hajj’s case. He says there was no response because Al Jazeera had little information and a lot of ...

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It's All Relative

Only one thing stands in the way of Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of Dow Jones and its Wall Street Journal: The Bancrofts. The family is a tangle of second cousins, complicated trusts, and divergent political views. WSJ reporter Sarah Ellison says their decision could come as early as


The Voice of the Insurgency

Iraqi insurgent groups are mostly shadowy bands of nationalist or Islamist factions from whom we never hear, except in internet posts. Guardian reporter Seumas Milne says that some now wish to open a dialogue with Western media. And he believes that journalists are obliged to listen.


Operation Hearts and Minds

The U.S. Army has a field manual on just about everything, but FM 3-0, known as Operations, is key because it teaches soldiers what to do on and off the battlefield. An updated version of FM 3-0 will be released this fall and lead writer Michael ...

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Stories from Over There

There were decisive movements in the ongoing battle over the image of the war and its soldiers this week. For some, an image of heroic soldiers tells the right story. For others, images of soldiers’ bad behavior tells the real story. Brooke tallies the score.

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The Face of Russia

For as long as Hollywood has been making movies it has turned its eye to the Russians. Harlow Robinson, author of Hollywood's Russians, Russians in Hollywood, discusses Russian portrayals in American film and what those portrayals reveal about ourselves.

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The Russian American

Russia’s film industry has returned the favor with its own portrayals of … us. From “The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks” (1924) to “Brother 2” (2000), we’re sometimes naïve, sometimes criminal. But Russian film historian Kirill Razlogov says that we’re ...


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