Measuring the Web

Friday, August 03, 2007


Ratings are never easy to calculate. Especially on the web, where visits to sites can last mere seconds. But now Nielsen has released internet ratings that include “total minutes” and “total sessions.” Abbey Klassen, writer for Advertising Age, explains who benefits from the new system.

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Brian Tristam Williams from Johannesburg, South Africa

Hard to take On the Media too seriously when you can't spell Nielsen correctly. Eugh.

Aug. 05 2007 07:24 PM
Jeff Sunbury from Austin, TX USA

I strongly agree with Abbey Klassen's comment that "the internet is a channel with many media in it". Broadband speed has reached the level that streaming video is continuous-not jerky and clipped by buffering interruptions. Add television to the internet's list of media content e.g. Daily Show, 30 Rock available with limited commercial interruption. Radio, print media, VOIP phones and IM, business commerce e.g banking, eBay, Amazon and weather; not to mention the bottomless pit of porn.

I agree "metrics is more for publisher's than advertisers." Advertisers need to focus on consumer's internet behavior. Rollover pop-up ads are so annoying, I'll avoid a website that uses them excessively.

Jeff Sunbury
Austin, TX

Aug. 04 2007 08:14 AM

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