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Friday, August 24, 2007


Michael Deaver, who died this week, spent much of his career in the shadow of Ronald Reagan, managing the President's public image, from photo ops to his state funeral. Reagan biographer Edmund Morris discusses how Deaver influenced the way his boss was heard, seen, and remembered.
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J.D. Morgan from Redondo Beach, CA

Mr. Edmund Morris wrote the biography in the form of documentary. He told the story through characters. My father, Malvin Wald, was one of those characters. But he is a real person who served in the Army Air Force with Ronald Reagan. In the forward of the book, “Dutch,” there is an acknowledgment that Malvin Wald was one of four people who participated in the writing of the book. None of the facts in this book is fictional, everything is true.

Aug. 26 2007 10:07 PM
Hog Beatty

Edmund Morris' "biography" of Reagen included the writer's insertion of a fictional character. What fictions did we hear from him during this segment?

Aug. 26 2007 09:50 PM
Pat Mallory from Cincinnati Ohio

Dear oon the medior: Edmund Morris' English accent
only becomes more pronounced the longer he lives in
America. And why not? The English accent represents
sophistication and class to much of the American public.
While some of us criticize politians who want to make
English the first language in this country. NPR, and PBS
seem to gush over those trilled 'r's. What message does that send to the listeners?

Aug. 25 2007 10:48 PM

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