No Cash On The Barrel

Friday, August 24, 2007


When the Indiana EPA granted a British Petroleum oil refinery permission to increase its industrial discharge into Lake Michigan, Chicagoans cried foul. But the Chicago Sun-Times went one step further, calling for a reader-boycott of BP. Editorial page editor Cheryl Reed explains why she’s going after the company's bottom line.

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Kelly G from Brooklyn, NY

I know OTM is focused on the media coverage of this controversy, but it would've been more helpful to explain why BP wanted to increase the pollution in its discharges. Why is BP expanding its oil refinery, and who (besides BP) will benefit? And, on Aug. 23, before this taped program aired, BP announced it would abandon the controversial permit and find a way to stay within current pollution limits or scrap its plans to expand the oil refinery. BP officials said this was a response to public outcry (including, I guess, the Sun-Times editorial page) and federal and state government officials. I hope OTM will update listeners on this and media coverage of it, because boycotting BP would mean boycotting petroleum and I doubt Chicago will easily give up its electricity, cars, and El trains and everything else that runs on fossil fuel. And what has the Indiana press been saying about all this?

Aug. 31 2007 11:35 AM
Robert from NYC

Illegal doesn't mean right. Be real man, would you like to have more of this crap in YOUR water!!! And thank you for your suggestion to boycott, Ms Reed, it's time more people used boycotting to show their displeasure with, well, what displeases them. Don't read this and don't listen to that and don't watch this and don't buy that and stick with it find alternatives hard as it might be but you know it does work IF there are enough folks who take these measures.

Aug. 26 2007 10:52 AM
A Bourgoin from Ohio

I firmly Agree with the Sun-times. After living in Chicago most of my life i realize that the lake is the main source of water not just for the city but the surrounding neighborhoods . For years we treated the lake (and the Chicago River) as a pouring ground for chemicals but after seeing the effects on the environment Chicago and the surrounding areas began to treat the Waterways with respect to allow future generations the ability to enjoy the Lakeshore as we did as children. To hear that once again the Lake is threatened by pollutants infuriates me and to realize that a major corporation such as BP who has the means to cleanse the waste they produce is the cause of this disgusts me. Gas Companies are making a profit even with the current cost of oil why not use some of that profit to properly treat their pollutants and not pour them into not just a water supply but a thriving ecosystem.

Aug. 25 2007 09:15 PM

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