Dec 24, 2004

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Friday, December 24, 2004


An exit interview with White House reporter Dana Milbank. Plus, when Washington reporters quote that mysterious yet omnipresent, 'senior administration official,' who do they really mean?

1600 Pen Ave.

In his second White House term, George W. Bush will be surrounded by new faces, and not just in his Cabinet. There will be changes in the White House press corps, most notably that of the Washington Post, which is being completely revamped. White House correspondent Dana Milbank joins Bob ...


Who Said What Now?

When high-ranking government sources refuse to go on the record, what's a reporter to do? All too often, they're given no choice but to dub the official with the perennial anonymous catchall: "senior administration official." So how is a reader to deduce which official is which? Harry Jaffe, national editor ...


Rolodex Journalism

Journalists are only as good as their sources, which is why their potency is often measured by the size of their rolodexes. Why is it then, that so few experts are called upon again and again for quotes in scores of newspaper articles and TV news appearances? Maybe it has ...


Man Bites Dog

Few headlines will top the New York Post's 1983 classic, "Headless Body in Topless Bar." But that doesn't keep tabloid editors from trying, every day of the year. A few years ago, veteran tabloid journalists Michael Shain and Mike Pearl created "Man Bites Dog," a card game that brings the ...


Gender Detector

Who penned the words you are reading now - a man, or a woman? With the help of a newly developed computer algorithm, you'd have a good chance of guessing correctly. The program analyzes a writer's use of simple words like "you," "the," and "with" - and has an 80 ...


Garfield vs. Hollywood

Six years ago, fresh from yet another disappointing visit to his local Blockbuster, Bob decided to take matters into his own hands. Armed with little more than an original treatment for a serious film set in the former Yugoslavia, Bob flew west. Here is the story of his mission to ...


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