December 10, 2004

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Friday, December 10, 2004


Reporters are sentenced for withholding the names of their sources, and the Governor of Maryland is sued for ordering his staff not to speak to some reporters....

Filter vs. Filter

When it comes to informing the public, President Bush and his Cabinet have tended to avoid what Bush calls the media "filter." But an embedded reporter in Kuwait this week slipped through the administration’s filter, by planting one of his own questions with a soldier at a Q&A session with ...


Justice For Journos

This week, reporters in two cases stared down jail time for refusing to name their confidential sources. The journalists believe that they should be protected from having to testify. Afterall, if they revealed their source they could never be trusted again. But law professor and author Geoffrey Stone says the ...


State Silence Duns Sun

Following a series of unbecoming articles in the Baltimore Sun, Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich recently declared that no one in the Maryland state government would be allowed to speak to Sun reporters. The Sun countered with a First Amendment lawsuit, but the Governor’s embargo continues. University of Maryland Law School ...


Chavez in Charge

Antagonism between the government and the press is something we're used to. But in Venezuela under President Hugo Chavez, that antagonism has approached all out war. Private media owners there side with the opposition movement, and were key players in the failed coup of 2002. Chavez loyalists, meantime, are blamed ...


Writing + Content = A19

On Tuesday, The Washington Post ran a small story on the bottom of page A19 entitled "Bush Ties Attack in Saudi Arabia to Iraqi Elections." The article caught Bob's eye, because instead of simply parroting the president's assertion, and including a perfunctory opposing view, it carefully debunked the notion that ...


Dinosaurs, a Jedi, and a Really Big Shark

Tom Shone is an unabashed fan of the American blockbuster, and he declares so in his new book, "Blockbuster: How Hollywood Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Summer." With massive budgets, flashy effects and uber-stars, says Shone, the blockbuster has evolved from a phenomenon to a genre. Shone and ...


The Box Office in No Man's Land

American movies aren't just for Americans anymore. They are conceived of and made for a global audience, and in the process they are losing their American-ness. That's according to Lynn Hirschberg, who recently asked the question "What Is an American Movie Now?" in the pages of The New York Times ...


Hollywood is Calling

Have you ever dreamed about chatting on the phone with Tom Cruise? Or maybe you've fantasized about a call from Catherine Zeta Jones? Well, you may have to get over those dreams. But thanks to a new website, you may now get a ring from some lesser known stars. On ...


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