September 21, 2007

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Show Summary: Cambodian youth turn a blind eye to the past, a con man fakes it as a journalist and a con woman gives her audience just what they want to hear

You Must Remember This

This week's arrest of the Khmer Rouge's second-in-command seems like an opportunity for Cambodians to reconcile with the past. But, as Megan Williams reports, a skeptical generation has come of age - too young to remember and unwilling to believe - the horrors of the Communist regime.


Backward Glances

During a speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention last month, President Bush invoked a host of historical analogies to buttress his case for sticktoitiveness in Iraq. But what can we really learn from looking at Vietnam or Cambodia or Korea? Brooke dwells on the past.

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Natural Selection

If you were one of the 227,000 paying subscribers to TimesSelect … well, you are no more. Paying, that is. Sometime early Wednesday morning you received an e-mail stating that the pay wall would be dismantled, effective immediately. Vivian Schiller, senior vice president of, explains why.

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Spot Remover

While many media outlets hope that web advertising will provide a much-needed new revenue source, web users have already found a way to nullify ads' value - by making them invisible. C-Net's Declan McCullagh explains that new ad-blocking plug-ins raise serious problems for websites and maybe ...

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The Marketing Sí Change

Spanish-speakers in the U.S. have for decades endured clichéd advertising in their native language, that is when targeted by admen at all. But New York Times Magazine writer Cynthia Gorney says that a marketing sea-change occurred seven years ago when the national census revealed a Latino demographic boom.

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Who is Alexis Debat?

The most recent tale of journalistic fraud features Washington D.C. insider and former ABC News consultant, Alexis Debat. Debat has claimed many affiliations and accomplishments (notably an interview with Barack Obama published in Politique Internationale) which have since been discredited. Mother Jones national security correspondent Laura ...

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Debat Debacle

When folks at ABC News learned of Debat’s embellished resume in May, they asked him to resign immediately and investigated his work, but did not inform their audience. Now, in light of news this week of Debat’s faked interviews, ABC is conducting a second


Performance Artist

In the late 1990s Joyce Hatto, a septuagenarian pianist with remarkable virtuosity and range, blazed onto the classical music scene. Critics and the public adored her, but as Mark Singer documents in a recent New Yorker, Hatto had staged an elaborate con. Singer says her skill was in ...

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