October 5, 2007

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Show Summary: Radiohead to fans: pay what you will; reporting the Supreme Court; plus Thank You, Dan Rather


Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) called Thursday’s revelation of DOJ-approved interrogation techniques “shocking.” But was it really? Not so for the nightly newscasts, which mostly had other priorities.

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Not So Innocent

How often can America lose its innocence? Again and again, as we feign shock over events that shouldn’t, if history is a guide, be all that surprising. Johns Hopkins professor Richard Halpern parses the “innocence industry” through the paintings of one of its major manufacturers, Norman ...

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Win, Place or Show

The presidential campaign took another step forward this week as candidates announced their success at out-fundraising each other. But how helpful are these early reports in gauging presidential potential? Political analyst Mark Halperin explains why, in campaign coverage, the horserace is never far away.

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Extreme Political Makeover

Last weekend in Ukraine, Vicktor Yanukovich's party won the most votes in parliamentary elections, which may be hard to imagine for those who remember him as a villain during the Orange Revolution of 2004. Clifford Levy of the New York Times says Yanukovich got a new ...


The Day the Music Died

When CBS fired Dan Rather over Memogate two years ago, the longtime newsman wasn’t the only one who lost a paycheck. So too did Neal Fox, the composer who co-wrote the theme music for Evening News. Fox’s one-man revue, Thank You, Dan Rather, opened last week in Fort Lauderdale, FL. ...

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Justice Is ... Mute

With the opening of the Supreme Court's new term this week, Jeffrey Toobin's recently published book might help shed light on the inner workings of the notoriously tight-lipped nine. Toobin says that while gaining access and writing about the Court isn’t easy, it is necessary.


For What It's Worth

When Radiohead releases its new album on October 10th, it’ll likely feature the dyspeptic lyrics, man vs. machine music and alien encounters for which the band is beloved. It’ll also cost whatever you want it to. Economist Tyler Cowen uses the dismal science to gauge the ...

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Direct To Consumer

All advertising is created to get your attention, to speak to you. But one ad in particular, a billboard living for the moment in Las Vegas, can actually carry on a conversation. Bob talks back.

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