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Friday, October 12, 2007


Magazines are dying by their own hand, says columnist Ron Rosenbaum, done in by the celebrity profile and all that it entails. But despair not, glossy-paged salvation lies in a simple solution – the write-around.

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jayvee from arizona

I subscribed to Esquire for a year in the 90s, and let the sub lapse because of the nonstop star-f***ing. I recently resubscribed after getting an offer of the mag for something like 40 cents a copy. (Somehow, this also triggered the delivery of Field & Stream to my domicile.) The latest issue contains two breathtaking examples of journalistic sucking up in profiles of Charlize Theron (wherein the writer and subject discuss having her do or say something) and Kobe Bryant (wherein the writer lingers on photo-shoot patter and the attendant groundrules). So, the actual process of Turtlewaxing celebs has become worthy and apparently transcendent content. I have to give Esquire credit for being open and unapologetic about its whorishness.

Oct. 16 2007 12:39 PM

I am inclined to believe Ron Rosenbaum suffer's from being kept "behind the red velvet rope" syndrome. Since he has had no contact with Ms. Jolie he attacks her, ignoring any good she has accomplished, and faulting anyone who does acknowledge her "goodness".

The saying, "danmed if you do and damned if you don't" is so applicable to Ms. Jolie. How dare she use her money and influence to help others and in such a PUBLIC way!! Can she not adopt children as thousands of Americans have done, without being castigated for it?

What has her chosen profession to do with how she chooses to live her private life? She neither asks for public approval nor shuns the publicity if it will highlight the cause she supports. Neither Bono's weight or beauty comes into the equasion when his public display of charitable works are written about.

Why pick on Ms. Jolie? Have you been denied "access" once too often to a celebrity who chooses not to focus on the usual, but uses any and every opportunity to remain on point about her message.

Just how is that so offensive to you that you find it necessary to "write-around" it. Sounds to me as if you have merely become nothing more than a tabloid writer, making it up as you wish.

Oct. 16 2007 08:59 AM
ALAN P BARLOW from Seattle WA

I'm still annoyed by Ron Rosenbaum's sneering, contemptuous rant about Angelina Jolie. She is one of the least offensive public figures in the country today. If Ron has a lot of anger that needs to come out, ask him to reorder his priorities and aim his huffing and puffing in the direction of the monsters misleading our country. Is that too much to ask? Angelina Jolie, naked or clothed, is not a problem.

And don't tell me that a naked Angelina on a magazine cover is somehow disrespectful to me, the reader. I'll let Ron know when I feel insulted by a photo of a beautiful woman.

Oct. 14 2007 11:48 PM

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