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Friday, October 19, 2007


A year ago, publications were touting municipal Wi-Fi as free for all and coming soon to a city near you. In recent weeks, however, the euphoria has turned to eulogies. But CNET writer Maggie Reardon says reports of Wi-Fi’s death have been exaggerated.

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eric fluger

you may have better luck finding a "repeater". dunno if that's exactly the same the same thing, but may provide the desired results. wifi repeaters are available in a variety of forms including products intended for use out doors. make sure the particula flavor of wifi you're using is supported. (getting liberal return privledges for anything you buy to experiment with would be good too!)

Oct. 27 2007 09:18 PM
Jason Walker from Seattle

One possible reason that Metro-wide Wf-Fi networks may not be very successful, not mentioned in the piece, is that they do not reach inside buildings very well. Signal boosters are required in Portland, Oregon, as documented in a local paper ( )

I now live in Seattle, and I can barely pick up a "SeattleWiFi" signal if I lean over my balcony with my laptop. I have searched stores of a "signal booster" (they appear to also be known as "wireless bridges") but no one seems to have them.

(I'm writing this from the parking lot of a closed library with an open signal!)

Oct. 21 2007 10:06 PM

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