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Friday, October 26, 2007


Many Comcast customers attempting to file share online are being thwarted by ... you guessed ... Comcast. It’s exactly the type of activity that net neutrality advocates warned us could happen. AP reporter Peter Svensson explains.

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George Fuhrmann from ny

The expert guest (from Time Magazine) stated that our cell phone features and capabilities lag so much behind even Uganda, because we have so many other options. Very Good. Now with her next breath could she also explain why they are lagging the same way behibd Japan?
An intellectual low, but really I also resent when I have to do the interviewer's jib...

Apr. 26 2008 09:45 PM
sharon baker from st. paul, mn

In regard to the story about the Harem Salon in Indiana, I was absolutely shocked, disappointed and infuriated by the barber's comment about the possibility of having the first woman president of the United States. The idea that we wouldn't be taken seriously in the world because we'd have a woman at the helm is so incredibly outdated! There have been other distinguished women leading countries of different political spectra in the rest of the world throughout history. If anything, in the year 2008, we in the United States NOT having had a woman president yet is embarrassing, and makes the country seem backward and not progressive in comparison to other countries. Not to mention the sheer incompetence of our current leader, who has had the dubious achievement of plunging the world's feelings toward the united states into the toilet more than any other president thus far!

Apr. 20 2008 05:28 PM
Brett Glass

As an Internet service provider who is intimately involved in the issues of Internet abuse and theft of bandwidth, I'd like an opportunity to rebut this one sided and misleading presentation. Please contact me via my Web mail page at

Feb. 11 2008 05:47 PM
Doug Fisher from Columbia, S.C.

To say the AP "exposed" is a bit misleading. Word about this practice by Comcast was all over message boards and "lesser" news sources for at least a month before the AP story. Better to say AP "discovered" or "caught up." This is the reality of modern media. Those boards also report that Comcast is cutting off some users entirely by saying they have exceeded their bandwidth -- but not revealing what those bandwidth limits are. Haven't seen anything much on that in the traditional media.

Oct. 28 2007 12:41 PM
eric fluger

it wasnt clear to me from the story if this is really a net neutrality issue, or more of a question of a ham-fisted approach to enforcing TOS. what kind of subscriptions did the users have?

Oct. 27 2007 09:35 PM

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