The Role of a Lifetime

Friday, October 26, 2007


Do you LARP? Live Action Role-Playing is the subject of “Darkon,” a documentary about people who don costumes and characters and make believe. But co-director Andrew Neel says that LARPing, while partly escapism, is in fact a ticket to reality.

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Geoff Runge from Louisville, KY

I am a LARPer. I came to it through table top role-playing (stuff like Dungeons and Dragons). The great thing about role-playing is that the players' imaginations get to interact with one another. LARP takes that one more step, and we get to act out what we are imagining. For years I thought that the LARPers were just a freakier version of table-top gamers, but it took just one weekend and I was hooked. I learned pretty fast that the people who come out to LARP are generally very imaginative, interesting and lovely people.

If this story sounded at all interesting to you, I highly recommend that you give it a try. You don't have to make a huge investment. You can get the supplies to make weapons at any hardware store. Go to a fabric store and grab a few things from the sale bins to make some clothes and head on out. The worst thing that will happen to you is that you'll come home and have a really funny story to tell at a party.

Nov. 08 2007 06:13 PM
Regina Conrad from Ossining, NY

My son played LARP in high school. My house was an alternate LARP location. Parents were present when a game was hosted. They were at my house (smaller than the others) when the usual usual homes were not available. Many of the players were in the HS drama club. I got to meet the player. I think it ican be a healthy way to socialize.

Nov. 01 2007 10:16 PM

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