November 9, 2007

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Show Summary: Defining waterboarding, naming droughts and OTM's novel challenge.

Word Watch: Waterboarding

Robert Mukasey was confirmed this week as attorney general. The process moved the definition of waterboarding into the spotlight. As media struggle to find out what the interrogation technique entails, the working definition has been "simulated drowning." But those who've experienced and performed it say

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The General in His Labyrinth

Images of Pakistani protesters in recent weeks have vividly portrayed the ‘state of emergency’ called by President/General Pervez Musharraf. But what images are being shown inside Pakistan? From Islamabad, journalist Shahan Mufti explains why independent media that Musharraf helped create are coming back to haunt him.


The Ends and The Means

New Delhi based magazine Tehelka recently published an investigative piece which sheds light on one of the most violent times in Indian history, the 2002 Gujarat riots. But Tehelka used ethically questionable tactics to get their scoop. Do the ends of this story justify the means? We asked ...

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A Year of Wars

Yahoo! News correspondent Kevin Sites spent a year reporting solo from the world’s war zones - nearly every one of them. His new book, In the Hot Zone, tells the story of that year. Bob spoke with Kevin before he left. Now they catch up.


Tapped Out

How do you raise the profile of a devastating Nebraska drought? Give it a name, like David? Carl Ganter, of the non-profit group Circle of Blue, says that as climate change increases the threat of droughts, we need new stories and images to raise awareness.

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Textbook Tug-of-War

High school history textbooks have long been the subject of controversy both within and between nations. Which is why they’re now the subject of a comparative analysis project by Stanford University’s Asia-Pacific Research Center. Associate director Daniel Sneider says that we’re creating separate memories ...

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OTM's Novel Challenge

November is National Novel Writing Month. So, we’re presenting a challenge to you. Write a novel in 12 words or less and send it to us at Or post it here in our comments section. The deadline is November 19th. We'll read our favorites on the air ...

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