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Friday, November 16, 2007


“Dirty tricks” have long been a staple of American campaign politics – only now they increasingly play out online, reaching millions of voters. Take, for example, the conservative email forward. Christopher Hayes, Washington editor of The Nation, has a few in his inbox.

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Ray Clark from Statesville, NC

These writings appeared on the internet yes? I am reminded of what a mature and wise civics teacher told me years ago. "Believe only 1/2 of what you read and nothing of what you here". I would estimate it will not be long until you can believe nothing you have herd from the internet.

Nov. 25 2007 02:53 PM
Mark Richard from Columbus, Ohio

I'd feared, as I listened to the most recent broadcast, that the program would get through the entire hour without at least one straight-forwardly leftist agit-prop piece. Thanks for featuring Christopher Hayes on right-wing evil doers.

If OTM ever gets around to actually getting up the gumption to offend wingnuts on the Left - especially on their borderline-hysterics concerning race and gender - the producers will learn very quickly that people on the Left can be pretty nasty, too. I won't hold my breath. NPR seems to depend on listeners whose conditions of support require that they be kept innocent of tough challenges to their cherished beliefs.

Nov. 19 2007 04:58 PM
Thom Burns

Organizations such as Newsmax do a disservice to America by spreading vicious partisan talking points and spin. Back in 2001 they published an article that predicted war with China within two or three years. I'm truly sick of this sort of "reporting" trumping substance like: where is the country headed economically, militarily, judicially, etc.? I doubt the democratic candidate will successfully be swift-boated next year but one doesn't know for sure. Ignorance spreads like a virus as the editor you interviewed said.

Nov. 19 2007 09:17 AM
Ellen Dannin from Pennsylvania

Not quite your main point here, but Wahabism is our ally Saudi Arabia's dominant faith and has been for centuries. Odd that this is rarely mentioned by the media, at a time when labeling something wahabist is everywhere else a huge negative.

Nov. 18 2007 09:12 PM

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