November 30, 2007

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Why local stories about presidential candidates don’t make it into the national press, how to address the junior senator from New York, and the word of the year!

Out Of The Past

Both voters and the national media have taken a shine to presidential contender Mike Huckabee in the last few weeks. But some Arkansas reporters are finding that Huckabee’s ethical history isn’t making the news as much as his folksy conservative bona-fides. Arkansas Times reporter Max Brantley ...

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The Electability Contest

In 2004 John Kerry was thought to be more electable than Howard Dean but democratic voters lost that bet. This year, electability is playing an even bigger role in the primary season. But what is it anyway? Jason Zengerle wrote about electability in the current issue of New ...


Say My Name, Say My Name

Senator Clinton? Clinton? Hillary? In response to a listener’s letter we explore how the media and On The Media refer to the junior senator from New York.

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Speech Impediments

Nearly half of the world’s 6000 languages face extinction within the next century. When languages die they take entire methods of communication and stores of knowledge with them. Linguist Greg Anderson of The Living Tongues Institute explains what we lose when a language disappears.

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Word of the Year

The New Oxford American Dictionary has announced its 2007 Word of the Year. Here’s a hint: a term for someone who endeavors to eat only locally-produced foods. Bob talks with Ben Zimmer of Oxford University Press about adding new words to the dictionary.

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Cut Numbers

A few weeks ago, UNAIDS and the WHO revised down the number of those infected globally with HIV/AIDS. Revised down, that is, by 6 million people. What’s a journalist to do when faced with “official” math that doesn’t add up? Harvard research scientist Daniel Halperin provides his equation ...

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$100 Dream

In 2005 computer scientist Nicholas Negroponte announced his bold plan to build a laptop that costs $100 and deliver it to the world's 150 million poorest schoolchildren in just 4 years. But the Wall Street Journal's Steve Stecklow says competition from companies like Intel and Microsoft ...

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(Not) The Land of Milk and Honey

We've all seen ads telling us to come to foreign countries, but the International Organization for Migration is waging a campaign in Africa telling people not to come to Europe. The most recent ad has sparked accusations of xenophobia and racism, but IOM's ...

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