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Friday, December 21, 2007


FCC Chairman Kevin Martin helped push through two rulings this week - despite opposition from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, pro-business lobbyists, media watchdogs and all of his fellow commissioners. Jim Puzzanghera of the Los Angeles Times says the contentious rulings reflect Martin's go-it-alone style.

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Jack from Chicago

Naomi Klein, just when you think Communism has been fully repudiated comes one more defender.

Won't be on my reading list, I prefer reality.

Dec. 31 2007 04:41 PM
Mark Jeffries from Chicago, IL

Which is an urban legend:

Sorry to deflate your bubble.

Dec. 29 2007 04:28 PM
Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

Neither Moyers nor Buckley has a monopoly on smugness, I see.

Saw the latter on Charlie Rose tonight; sounding fairly incoherent, I am sad to report.

Also on Rose, was Naomi Klein whose book "Shock Doctrine, the Rise of Disaster Capitalism" I would recommend as evidence of exploitation by Bush and his cronies of manufactured government failure.

I never said it was a failure of news coverage that led to the failure to evacuate New Orleans. That was a mid-West disaster I cited.

Dec. 29 2007 01:49 AM
Jack from Chicago

Where I live there are two local pay papers and at least three local free papers; and those are just the English ones. There are multiple papers in Spanish, Polish, and Hindi. I don't read any of those either.

Chris, I'd be more convinced if you could provide one shred of evidence. Your nonsensical rantings add nothing to your case.

I don't believe it was a lack of information that caused people to stay in New Orleans, I understand it was a lack of ability to leave (ask the mayor about the buses) and an unwillingness to leave because government assistance checks were soon to be received.

Bill Moyers and postings, come on, how pathetic can you be. I don't understand your reverance for Bill Moyers, I saw his War piece and was completely underwhelmed. Whenever I see him interview anyone, it's only people who agree with him. The two end up looking smug in their unified agreement and the whole thing smacks of insincereity. Reminds me of Bill Buckley.

Postings on the FCC website. If you are learning so much from those then you should pay more attention to mine here. Then you're sure to learn something.

Dec. 27 2007 07:49 AM
Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

Did I not hear a radio news report or see a television news report on a mid-Western town with an impending tornado and literally no live radio or television broadcasters available to break into regular broadcasting with an alert?

Is this the kind of waste of time local news Jack doesn't think needs, perhaps, just a little attention.

Yes, let us just institute the Bush New Orleans Doctrine in all national emergencies and let the poor and uninformed masses fend for themselves. It will deal with the excess population.

There is much evidence that consolidation leads to less news. Watch Bill Moyers. Read the comments at the FCC posting on the topic. Open your eyes!

Dec. 26 2007 01:49 AM
Eric Goebelbecker from Maywood, NJ

"Even without consolidation, TV news seems a pathetic waste of time and I can't tell you the last time I read the local paper."

Hmmmm. Maybe you can't remember the last time you record a local paper because there aren't very many left?

Dec. 23 2007 04:25 PM
Jack from Chicago

Is there any proof that consolidation leads to less news?
Even without consolidation, TV news seems a pathetic waste of time and I can't tell you the last time I read the local paper.

Dec. 22 2007 11:01 PM


Dec. 21 2007 11:51 PM

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