Relationship Angst

Friday, February 01, 2008


John McCain and the press have been through a lot together – obsessive love, a bittersweet break-up, an attempt to work things out again. Mainstream media is torn. For conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, however, McCain is nothing short of a bête noire.

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Jack from Chicago

Rush has 2mm listeners daily.
Anne is a perennial best-selling author.

You underestimate the power of these "old media" titans.

Because Rush told me to seems like a better reason to vote for a candidate than the myriad of people I hear say that they're going to vote for Clinton because she's a woman. Somebody who listens to Rush or reads Anne is more engaged in the process than someone whose effort doesn't go beyond appearance.

Feb. 16 2008 03:02 AM
Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

It sure doesn't bother me that Russ, Anne, etc. have no horse in this race and are relegated to being the entertaining sideshow freaks they so richly deserve to be remembered as.

I imagine Mr. Beachboard would admit to less familiarity with Obama, but with a Little Rock location and a Washington background, one would guess he has the Clintons, Huckabee and the other inside the beltway also-rans pretty well cold.

McCain has honor, but is he right?

Feb. 08 2008 12:27 AM
James Paul Beachboard from Little Rock, Arkansas

I am a 56 year old attorney-- I worked 30 years ago in Washington-- graduated from Georgetown-- and once truly loved politics-- and I have never before voted for a Republican-- but even if my ancestors are going to spin in their graves, that is going to change on 02/05/2008-- when I am going to vote for John McCain-- the only candidate in either damn party with a "center" of truth and honor-- and as for Russ Limbaugh-- that shallow sycophant of false conservatism-- true stewards of conservatism don't pay a whit of attention to him or his senseless palaver.

Feb. 03 2008 03:39 PM

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