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Friday, February 22, 2008


An undercover video of a downer cow being dragged into a slaughterhouse at the Hallmark/Westland Meat Company was featured in thousands of news stories this week. Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle explains why these images so successfully captured the media’s attention.

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dorky from New York City

Blame your legislator! The law prohibits bringing a dead animal to the slaughter house. That is why they have to be alive when they come in. Otherwise the farmer loses the value of the cow. Would YOU flush hundreds of dolars down the toilet? Grow brains, you left-wing emotional idiots!

Sep. 03 2009 07:24 AM

I want to remind consumers that the cows we saw being electric prodded and pushed with a pitchfork were dairy cows, not beef cattle. Even dairy cows eventually become hamburgers in school lunches. The slaughter of animal flesh for consumption has no limit!

Those of us who find the abuse gruesome and heart-wrenching choose to beome vegetarians!

Feb. 26 2008 01:05 AM
branford from hartford

I know that slaughtering cows is really harsh. But there is a difference between calmly ushering cows to a quick death and trying to force sick cows to stand up by giving them electric shocks to their eyes.

Feb. 25 2008 11:23 AM
Elizabeth Ferrari from TN

Lisa, you need to get your facts straight. This is not new, it has been going on for a very long time. The HUSU isn't the first to bring these horrors to the public.

You must be a flesh eater! Only those people can look at these videos and see nothing wrong. It is sad that people like yourself will try and turn the problem into something other than what it is.

These creatures that you eat their flesh demand a better life, and the right to be free from a cruel end. If you don't think so, then you are just as guilty as the people who caused this horror on these creatures.

Feb. 25 2008 08:08 AM
Don Stoneberger from Phoenix, Arizona

I agree that what was done at Hallmark/Westland was cruel and inhumane, however, slaughtering cattle is also cruel and inhumane and we seem to be sensitized to that.

Feb. 24 2008 10:17 PM

Verrrrry i.nteresting. WHY? WHY? HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) sat on this video if they truly care about the well being of animals and humans? Could it be that they really don't care about YOUR children possibly being endangered by possibly tainted food?
Guess what? NOONE, read that, NOONE EVER got sick!!!!
After they finally decided to reveal this video, much of the meat was already consumed. Again < NOONE ever got sick!
how do we know for a fact that this video is real? Or, was it an "enhanced" or staged video like HSUS i know to produce.
This is nothing more than another money making scheme for HSUS. Just like the $34 million for Katrina dogs, currently under investigation for "FRAUDULENT MISUSE of funds", or the claim that they had direct care of Micheal Vick dogs, when in reality they were lying about it and never had one whit to do with them, but were soliciting funds for their direct care. After about trwo weeks someone caught them in their lie and they quickly changed the solicitation to caring for dogs LIKE the Vick dogs. DECEPTION and LIES.
These are just two excamples of the HSUS lies.
Research for yourselves the truth to Pacelle's real agenda. Read his exact quotes (one of which he claims to be misinterpreted?!).
Go to:,,
If you think HSUS really cares about anything but deepening its own pcokets, you've been duped, along with millions of others.
Seek the TRUTH.

Feb. 24 2008 07:03 PM
Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

Speaking of "Saturday Night Live", it briefly had a peer (read "knock-off") program at ABC called "Fridays", with New Haven area actress Melanie Chartoff as anchor, and the first episode featured live coverage of the annual L.A. Beach Muppet slaughter with a follow-up showing toni stores in downtown L.A. with Cookie Monster and Bert and Ernie skin coats in their windows.

It almost redeemed her in my eyes for her second appearance on the "Merv Griffin Show" when, immediately after announcing she was from our city, she allowed Merv to get her say that the first thing she did in her first appearance was vomit. I thought, "Oh, thanks, Mel, you just did it to us again!"

With the Muppet slaughter skit, at least I was laughing while I gagged.

Feb. 24 2008 03:31 AM

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