Al Jazeera's American Face

Friday, April 04, 2008


For the past two years, David Marash has been the face of Al Jazeera English as their Washington anchor. Recently Marash decided to leave the network, however, citing anti-American bias. He joins us to talk about his time there and his decision to depart.

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derek monroe

I think it's extremely cynical if not outright dishonest for Mr Marash to claim that his integrity and honor has been violated. First and foremost Mr Marash was/is/and will be a servant of corporate media interests without any in-depth analytical or historical perspective in his reporting because it would hurt his benefactors' standing and credibility. I have followed his career in mainstream US media and he's a just a one in series of corporate pundit talking heads whose career are tightly alligned with towing the line and playing the corporate ball. I would suggest that Mr Marash would put his ego where it belongs (under his seat) and learn about the region where the Al-Jazeera operates, learn the language and political intricacies of the region to enrich himself as persona and professional. Also as avid reader of US and foreign press and a freelance journalist myself, I find Mr Marash's claims of being a defacto an annointed conveyer of the Al-Jazeera's message to the US audience absolutely laughable. The intellect and well as simple honesty is not there. Instead we hear dilussions and pains of corporate aparatchik getting his dues. Please don't bring his ego and lack of historical perspective to the lowest common denominator of ignorance and sheer stupidity.

Apr. 07 2008 01:06 PM

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