May 9, 2008

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Show Summary: The Internet Archive challenges a secret FBI demand and wins; a peek inside the mind of an MSNBC pundit; the enduring legacy of Ayn Rand.

Scott Bloch(ed)

The Office of the Special Counsel is supposed to protect government whistleblowers, but watchdog groups charge that under director Scott Bloch the agency has been ineffectual and worse. The FBI raided Bloch’s office this week amid these allegations. Jeff Ruch, director of Public Employees for Environmental ...


Letter of the Law

Last November the FBI used a top secret National Security Letter to demand user information from the Internet Archive, an online library. Internet Archive co-founder Brewster Kahle decided not to comply. Instead he sued and the FBI backed down. Kahle describes what it's like to challenge ...

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Inside the Mind of a Talking Head

When news happens, and even when it doesn't, Rachel Maddow is there to discuss it. She has a radio show on Air America and often appears on MSNBC as a sidekick, guest, or panelist. Maddow gives a pundit's-eye-view of Tuesday's primary coverage and discusses the compromises of professional ...

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The Elite Beat

Barack Obama's success in this week's primary contests took place despite an all-out effort by the Clinton campaign to paint him as "elite." Linguist Geoffrey Nunberg describes how the meaning of elite has changed over the years and psychologist Drew Westen explains why being labeled an ...

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Travels and Tribulations

In his new book Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?, author Thomas Kohnstamm admits everything from drunken philandering to peddling ecstasy. But some critics say shoddy journalism is his greatest sin. Kohnstamm defends his memoir and his integrity.

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Object Lesson

Think you know reality? Ayn Rand did, and through her novels and nonfiction she gave legions of followers a practical philosophy by which to live. Brooke looks at the enduring legacy of the original Objectivist.

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