OTM's Novel Challenge Finale

Friday, May 23, 2008


We asked and we received. 1,000+ entries later, we conclude our novel challenge with a reading of our favorite 12-word novels submitted by you.

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Wanda Dipple from IOWA CITY, IOWA

Since November the "Novel Challange" has been driving me crazy! Like some odd language in which I've become fluent -- I hear mini-novels all around me. Our popular media overflows with sub-compact stories fleshing out charater's lives in concise comments bandied about without further explanation. One sentence stories that give depth to a work's breadth.
Today's Example:
Henry Jones to his son, Indiana in "The Last Crusade" spoken as they sat 'at the cross roads':

"Unfortunately, she kept her illness from me: all I could do was mourn her."

Now, I had previously watched this movie MANY times...but today, after the 'On the Media' challenge...DING...
there it is: an entire story...in...one...sentence. Thanks for pointing out what I'd been over looking...I think.

May. 27 2008 11:23 PM
Julie Hatoff from San Clemente

This story went by so fast I had to listen again...and wanted to email to a friend and aspiring novelists. Repeatedly, I entered her edress, only to be repeatedly told that I needed to use but on "@," a lesson I of course didn't need. Why didn't the email work?

May. 25 2008 09:02 PM

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