May 30, 2008

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Show summary: A special OTM devoted entirely to issues of space and media

Space Odyssey

This week, a show entirely about space ... and media. From the newsroom to the bedroom, the way we produce and consume media is changing rapidly from just a few years ago. Chances are that advances in both technology and design have altered how and where you get information, so ...

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The News Tower

In the past several years, two august institutions of journalism have built brand new headquarters with two very different philosophies. Paul Goldberger, architecture critic for The New Yorker, contrasts the shiny, glass-and-steel towers of The New York Times Co. and Bloomberg L.P.


Building Hype

Ever notice that sophisticated architectural renderings make construction projects look impossibly attractive. Exactly, says Dwell senior editor Geoff Manaugh, who blogs at That's precisely the point.


Clearing The Air

In January 2007, South America’s largest city officially banned outdoor advertising. Billboards, neon signs, bus-stop ads, even the Goodyear blimp - all were suddenly illegal. Folha de Sao Paulo reporter Vinicius Galvao describes seeing his city as though for the first time.

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Sound Reasoning

The sound in the spaces around us has a history. Princeton University professor and author of The Soundscape of Modernity Emily Thompson studies that history. Thompson says that what we hear in the world and the way we listen result from architectural methods, technological innovations and even the ...


Moveable Type

The clanging noises of manual typewriters, teletype machines and rotary phones are long gone from the modern newsroom. But those sounds still exist in the New York Times' new building as part of a giant art installation called Moveable Type. Brooke talks with the artists and a big ...


Head Room

As technologies improve, we are increasingly living (and working and training) in a space that is, more or less, unreal. Brooke counts the virtues of a virtual world.

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